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Please find here below the report on the OUTREACH and DISSEMINATION, WP8 workpackage, with the introduction first here below and then attached in a .pdf format the rest of the report. This corresponds to the Report INFIERI is writing for each Period of the project. The first 18 months have been gathered in our report and there will be another one reporting on the 3rd year followed by the one corresponding to the 4th year of the project. This report has been approved by the INFIERI Publication Board and is edited by: 

Editors: MariaAgnese Ciocci (INFN-Pisa & University of Siena) and Aurore Savoy-Navarro (University Paris-Diderot/CNRS & INFN-Pisa) on the basis of the material provided by all the INFIERI partners.

 WP8 – Outreach and Dissemination for Period 1

Dissemination and Outreach are the objectives of WP8, for ensuring :

- High visibility of the project and the understanding of its progress and achievements among its target audience (the network itself, scientists, industry, media, policy makers and general public)

- The understanding among its target audience of the social and economical  opportunities provided by the interplay between fundamental science, applied science and  the industrial high tech sector, aiming to increase the success rate of INFIERI project in disseminating the research results, increasing science awareness, achieving successful integration with stakeholders, promoting internal communication, networking and marketing the consortium, making study/research/work in our institution more attractive  and  strengthen or develop new long-term relationships with target communities for innovative education  &  research programs.




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WP8 Report for Period 2


One of the main achievements of WP8 during the first three years of the project has been the implementation of the project’s website ( which is instrumental to the fulfilment of most of the work package’s objectives and milestones.


Dissemination: In the Dissemination section ( of the website, four distinct pages contain the list of INFIERI-related scientific results by members of the project, the list of publications and talks by ITN fellows ( the list of posters ( presented by ITN fellows at international conferences, and a list of results ( (talks, posters, conference proceedings, articles in international journals) by all members of the project that are publicly accessible (i.e. free from intellectual property issues).


Outreach: A brochure illustrating the project’s structure as well as purposes and goals has been designed in two versions: a shorter one (4 pages) meant for printout and aimed at a general public, and a longer one (11 pages), mostly meant for electronic browsing, with a more detailed content. Both versions will be translated to 7 of the INFIERI languages and published on the website (

Most of the ITN fellows have produced individual short video clips illustrating their activity within the project. By the end of the project these will be finalised and published on the project’s website ( and on the newly created INFIERI Outreach YouTube channel (

The Outreach section ( of the site also contains a page ( reporting media coverage of INFIERI-related events, a page ( lists the pubic events that have been organized during INFIERI workshops and Summer Schools. The poster ( advertising one such event (held in Pisa for the general public) will be used as a cover picture for a popular science book.


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