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Work Packages


Please find here below the report on the WP6 workpackage, on Integration Studies and tests, with the introduction first here below and then attached in a .pdf format the rest of the report. This corresponds to the Report INFIERI is writing for each Period of the project. The first 18 months have been gathered in our report and there will be another one reporting on the 3rd year followed by the one corresponding to the 4th year of the project. This report has been approved by the INFIERI Publication Board and is edited by: 

Editors: Petra Merkel (FNAL), Riccardo Paoletti (INFN-Pisa & University of Siena), Matthew Jones (Purdue University) and Aurore Savoy-Navarro (University Paris-Diderot/CNRS & INFN-Pisa) on the basis of the material provided by all the INFIERI partners.

WP6 – integration Studies and Tests, Period 1

A number of integration studies and related test set-ups have been already developed by the INFIERI network, in the various fields of applications covered by this project. We are giving here some of the most important examples.

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Partners & Coordinators