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Please find here below the report on the WP3 workpackage, with the introduction first here below and then attached in a .pdf format the rest of the report. This corresponds to the Report INFIERI is writing for each Period of the project. The first 18 months have been gathered in our report and there will be another one reporting on the 3rd year followed by the one corresponding to the 4th year of the project. This report has been approved by the INFIERI Publication Board and is edited by: 

Editors: Raffaele Corsini (SSSA), Antonio Pellegrino (NIKHEF), Aurore Savoy-Navarro (University Paris-Diderot/CNRS & INFN-Pisa), on the basis of the material provided by INFN, NIKHEF, SSSA, UC3M, CERN.

WP3– New Large Flux Data Transmission Technologies, Period 1

Activities in this work packaged focused on information transmission between on-detector electronics reading out sensors and far-end processors located at distances ranging from few meters to several hundred meters. The flow of and can be bi-directional in the case of control information or unidirectional in the case of sensor data sent from the detector to the far-end processors. To the common challenges of high-speed transmission, typically of the order of several Gbits per second, one faces challenges specific to the field of application, most notably in particle physics experiments those related to the high level of radiations experienced by the on-detector electronics.
Activities in this work package clustered around two main areas of research: one aimed at the development of new serializers and transmitters for data transmission over optical fibers in the next generation of particle-physics experiments; the other, researching novel solutions based on optical wireless communications. A short overview of the activities in these two areas is given in next two sections.



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