INtelligent, Fast, Interconnected and Efficient devices for Frontier Exploitation in Research and Industry


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The list of Obejctives and deliverables as described in the INFIERI Annex 1 is reported in the Table here below exactly as stated in this Annex 1. Note that essentially all these objectives will be going on over the ALL INFIERI DURATION.


In this Table taken from ANNEX 1 (Page 34-35) are underlined in black the goals not yet achieved, in blue those which are underway, and in red those which are already currently achieved and indeed a fair fraction of them will be still pursued.

WP8 Dissemination & Outreach: objectives & deliverables

1. Objectives:

Objectives for the dissemination of the project results are:

  • Publications in scientific journals;
  • Presentations at international conferences and workshops;
  • Identification of potential ‘routes-to market’ for further exploitation in collaboration with appropriate industry partners;
  • Patents including Industrial partners.

Objectives related to outreach activities for the general public are:

  • Design, implementation and maintenance of a website providing communication elements related to the project and its context;
  • Production of communication elements regarding the potential societal impact of the project results;
  • Pro-active participation in outreach events oriented to the general public

2. Dissemination and outreach activities and deliverables

Task 8.1: Dissemination

Within the ITN:

- The ESRs and ERs will give oral presentations of their work to the whole network at the biannual ITN Workshops that also include a poster session and a few invited talks. Dedicated Webpages in the INFIERI Website will be prepared for each ITN workshop with the program and the slides accessible to all the partners.

- Internal INFIERI Notes on the work performed by ITN collaborators and especially ESRs and ERs will be reviewed by the Editing Board and made available on the INFIERI Website to all the partners.

-The ESRs and ERs will present their work in different international conferences/workshop, such as: IEEE NSS MIC, SPIE, TWEPP, WITT, TIPP, etc.

- The project results will be published in international peer review journals like:

Transactions on Nuclear Science (TNS); Nuclear Instruments and Methods (NIM); Journal of Instrumentation (JINST); Proceedings of important International Events; Journal of Astrophysics; Physics Review Letters, etc.

- The project results will be presented in general meetings of the large international collaborations in Astrophysics, HEP and Medical Physics and reported in Internal Notes with large diffusion in these large international collaborations.

- The Media ITN annual series of courses (66 hours per year) will be accessible to the general public through DVD’s produced by the ITN.

Task 8.2: Outreach

  • Design and implement a web page that will be widely advertised on all partner websites;
  • Publication of a project brochure oriented towards the general public and scientists from other domains (translated in different languages);
  • Publication of articles presenting the project in information bulletins of the participating parties.
  • Participation in Marie Curie Open Days organized by the partner institutes.
  • Participation in regular public events, public exhibitions, science centers and public fairs organized by the host institutes like for instance: Fêtes de la science (in France and at CERN), Settimana della cultura scientifica e technologica (Italy) as well as in the similar events in UK, Spain, Netherlands and Portugal.
  • Regular seminars reporting on the project progress in the ESR/ER’s home university/institute (act as “Marie-Curie Ambassadors”);
  • Production of a video clip showing the project’s ESRs during the annual meeting (interview of each ESR, short presentation of their lab), production of a DVD;
  • Organization of social events for all participating students in each host institute, celebration of major project milestones.
  • Guided tours;
  • Demonstration prototypes, bench top experiments\



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