INtelligent, Fast, Interconnected and Efficient devices for Frontier Exploitation in Research and Industry


Description & Objectives

Work Packages


This work package includes:

 i) The simulation based study of the system integration related issues in each of the applications,

 ii) Design and construction of a mock-up or demonstrator of one or more

than one component of the “intelligent data processing chain”and the performances evaluation of this system

 iv) Lab test benches or test beams with these prototypes that mimic the real-life functioning of the component, and the analysis of the corresponding performances.



A series of test benches will be developed in the various nodes, and in some cases in the industrial firms, in a coordinated way. They will be adapted to the various demonstrators built by this project.

As the prototypes to test are based on novel technologies, developing the corresponding test benches and running them will imply using or building new hardware and software tools.

Another asset of INFIERI is to include world renowned Labs:

    RAL, NIKHEF (full partners) and CERN and FNAL as associate, all with their test facilities and unique expertise.


These test facilities will be a unique training camp for the ESR/ERs and for ensuring this project to achieve its S&T goals.


Partners & Coordinators