INtelligent, Fast, Interconnected and Efficient devices for Frontier Exploitation in Research and Industry


Description & Objectives

Work Packages


WP4 is essential for our Astrophysics, HEP and Medical Physics applications:

  • The HLT of  large area terrestrial system will combine & appropriately handled the information from all the individual components (telescopes) of the network.
  • Innovative aspect for the Medical application includes a high level processing to treat the information delivered by the highly pixelated device in this case
  • HEP Level 1 Trigger will require matching the charged tracks with the calorimeters or the muon systems information in order to identify peculiar features of the interesting physical processes. This will mean developing and testing the use of new advanced PU technology.
  • This WP is closely related to the Massive Parallel Computing developments and confronting exascale challenges and to
  • Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (ATCA): When the filtered information from the local data reduction arrives from the FE, it should be routed to the back-end processor (WP4).

      Indeed ATCA framework includes a series of specifications that incorporates the latest trends in high speed interconnect technologies, next generation processors and improved reliability, manageability and serviceability thus potentially attractive for our applications.



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