INFIERI Pre-kickoff


26-28 September 2012, Nikhef, Amsterdam

Workshop Objectives

The workshop should

   • Give a first complete presentation of the INFIERI Project to all the partners;
   • A first Part give an introduction to the three Fields of Applications of INFIERI,i.e. AstroPhysics, Particle Physics and Medical Physics, and to the two major technological fields in this project, i.e The Novel Telecom Technologies and Advances in the Microelectronics Fields, by highly skilled experts;
   • The second part provide a presentation by representatives of each Partner of this consortium (full partners and associated partners) of their interests and foreseen contributions in this Project;
   • The third Part is devoted to the very preliminary presentation of the Workpackages that constitute the INFIERI network;
   • It is concluded by the presentation of a WorkPlan and a forum of discussion is organized around it.

The hope is that there is a real attendance, in person, of representatives of each node over the full duration of this meeting. This is in order to get a real start for this ambitious project. The hope is thus that the workshop go beyond an one-off event and that it don't only inform but also instigate fruitful, long-term collaborations. For those not able to attend in person the meeting in Paris, a video-conference connection is provided over the full duration of the workshop.  

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