2nd International School on Intelligent Signal Processing for Frontier Research & Industry


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14-25 July 2014, Paris, France

Building on the success of the inaugural school held in Oxford in July 2013, this is the second of a new global programme of annual Summer Schools covering the complete signal processing chain for building 21st century instruments.

The focus of the School is on the most advanced technologies in the fields of semiconductors, very deep submicron and 3D technologies, nanotechnology, advanced packaging and interconnects, telecommunications, real-time signal processing, filtering and massively parallel computing and on the Physics motivations that require confronting these technogical challenges for building the needed new instruments. These Physics motivations are reviewed both in dedicated lectures as well as in all the more technology-based lectures.


The school provides lectures and Lab work in a variety of cross-disciplinary example applications drawn from the exploration of distant Universe, through Medical imaging of the human body, to exploration of the elementary particle world.

Lectures on technical developments and science overviews are given by experts from Academia and Industry, alongside with hands-on Lab sessions with demonstrators and subject specific master-classes on science & technology.

A series of hands on laboratories, classes with computer-based exercises and the master-classes will serve to support and complement the lectures. A hallmark of the school is the promotion of exchange and collaboration between the students and the lecturers and tutors both within and across disciplines. The school is targeted at M.Sc., Ph.D., and young postdoc-level engineers and physicists. 


Two Public Lectures are scheduled that take place in different locations in Paris.

The morning sessions from 9 am to 1pm is dedicated to the lectures held in the BioPark main auditorium. The afternoon sessions is devoted to the Lab sessions from 2 to 5pm held in the Physics Department, Building Condorcet. From 5 to 6.30 pm there is science overview lectures (BioPark Auditorium). All the days (except Sunday July 20) follow this basic schedule (see present timetable). The school is held from July 15 to Friday 25 (end of the afternoon), with a break on Sunday where people may enjoy a day free in Paris or surroundings as they like.


The program of the Computing and Practical Labs can be find in a booklett format as paper.pdf file on the link below. The paper.pdf file includes the tittle of the Labs, the authors'names and a brief description.


The detailed programme with the list of lectures, the corresponding slides can be found in:


International Organising Committee: 

Ariella Cattai (CERN-CH) 

Garret Cotter (Oxford-UK) 

Jacqueline N. Hewiit (MIT-USA) 

Giancarlo Prati (SSSup-IT) 

Tony Readhead (Caltech-USA) 

Aurore Savoy-Navarro (CNRS-FR/INFN-IT) 

Ian Shipsey (Oxford-UK) 

Yoshinobu Unno (KEK-JP) 

David Townsend (CIRC-SG) 

Sibylle Ziegler (TU-Munich, GE) 


Local Organising Committee: 

Hubert Halloin 

Chang-Seong Moon 

Damien Prele 

Guillaume Prevot 

Aurore Savoy-Navarro 

Sarodia Vydelingum